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Vodafone LTE Cardstick 4G Cat4 WiFi Stick

Vodafone presents the LTE Carstick W5101 at CeBIT, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot specifically for use in the car. The device is a Stick from Huawei E8278 with Vodafone design, in addition to the usual power adapter, there is an adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car. In the car, Vodafone Carstick can be plugged in via USB. Vodafone provides the device for the wireless network solution in moving cars, users in a card can access internet through this Mini hotspot. For new cars, many manufacturers of LTE or UMTS hotspots now already offer this solution, which are factory installed in the car. For example, the BMW or Audi Car Hotspot.



Huawei E8278 on Vodafone Design
The Vodafone Carstick is manufactured by industry leader Huawei and there carries the model number W5101.The LTE WiFi Stick had been presented originally at the Mobile World Congress in 2013 and now it is already available for many network operators, such as in Australia or England. In Germany, Vodafone is the first provider who offers the W5101, but not the first with an LTE WLAN stick. Actually, the German Telekom has the Speed ​​Stick LTE IV (Alcatel W800) in the range, which provides similar functionality since early 2014.

LTE Category 4 to 150 Mbit/s
Inside the Huawei E8278, there is a Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon modem. This allows Vodafone Carstick LTE Category 4 speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s downlink and 50 Mbit/s in the uplink. If no LTE network available, it can also work on GSM/EDGE and UMTS, including DC-HSPA+. The convenient USB swivel joint and the black design allow possible installation in the car. At the side of the Vodafone LTE WiFi Stick, there are two connectors for external antennas, and a MicroSD slot could also be installed. By means of a suitable memory card, you can put files like photos and videos on the card and share the files with all users of the network.


Taxi test in Berlin with NFC and QR Code
Vodafone subjects the new LTE WiFi stick in his own words from the 04/03/2014 an endurance test in some Berlin taxis. Users of these vehicles can easily connect with the Wi-Fi network using NFC tag or QR code without fumbling enter the wireless code. If you have a car and lack of the wireless terminals supporter, Vodafone Carstick W5101 or Huawei E8278 would be considerable to be a part in your cars.