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Vodafone B3000 4G LTE Cat4 Router Specifications and Features

With the B3000 router, Vodafone upgrade the LTE Router from the previous B2000. The technical data contribute to part of the ongoing LTE network modernization and promise some new features. Find out what the B3000 LTE router distinguishes and where there are differences to the Vodafone B2000.

LTE-Rout_Vodafone B3000

Features und Specifications of Vodafone B3000

Model Number and Manufacturer Huawei B593s-22
Download speed bis 150 MBit/s
Upload speed bis 50 MBit/s
Supported 4G LTE Bands LTE 2600 MHz / 2100 MHz / 1800 MHz / 900 MHz / 800 MHz (FDD) + LTE 2600 MHz TDD
Compatible Networks Modes HSPA, HSPA+; UMTS (900/2100 MHz); GSM
MIMO Support MIMO 2×2
Connector for external Antenna Yes, two SMA connectors
Category LTE Category 4 (CAT4) Modem
Integrated Telephone yes, VOIP SIP Client
Port for analog Telephone Yes, 2xRJ11
integrator answering machine
Network | LAN & WLAN
LAN Ports 4 LAN Ports (RJ45)
WLAN Standards WLAN 802.11b/g/n for up to  32 terminals
5 GHz WLAN Support No
Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2
USB yes, 2x USB 2.0
Dimensions / Weight 194 x 177 x 64 mm and 450 g



From the appearance, we can find little difference to the B2000. Under the OEM body with Vodafone logo, however, we can find a new version of the Huawei B593, accurately, B593S-22. The most important innovation: The LTE modem now also dominates LTE category 4, therefore, theoretical data rates of 150mbps. CAT4 is currently only available in urban centers, so in the cities with over 100 thousand inhabitants, WLAN with A standard is unfortunately not yet on the specification list. Users must therefore continue to take maximum 802.11n to be achieved. The B3000 provides total 4 LAN ports on the back along with 2 USB ports.

Telephone and reception

About two RJ11 jacks analog telephones can be operated via VOIP. A SIP client is integrated. Regarding the wireless network compatibility, the B3000 shows exemplary. In addition to all the important German LTE bands, LTE900 and LTE TDD at 2600 MHz are further supported. In addition, of course, all the relevant 3G and 2G standards predecessors including the 3G data turbo DC-HSPA+, which data rates of up to 42.2 Mbit allowed. the B3000 does not have SIM lock, so it can be used with other network operators besides Vodafone.

Availability and costs

The B3000 will be available from April 2014 on Vodafone shop. The target should focus on the ​​business customers. Those who want to order the model may find the B3000 Router in the form of B593s-22 selling on 4g-store.com at some outrageous prices. The final price of the Vodafone Store is not yet clear.


Many elementary improvements are not offered on the B3000. But currently, Vodafone B3000 is still one of the best LTE routers available.