Huawei E3533 – New 21Mbps Surfstick for Ultrabook

Since more and more people are using Ultrabook, Huawei would like to release the new Huawei E3533 Surfstick for Ultrabook Users in the growing market. Therefore, Huawei E3533 is in a very small and slim. Most thin laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air, have no built-in SIM card slot, which makes its compact dimensions and low weight and become popular for mobile use. Hence a small surf stick like the Huawei E3533 is quite a useful accessory. However, the small size of the USB Surf Stick also has disadvantages: it can support the HSPA+ technology, the latest LTE technology is not supported by Huawei E3533, so maximum speed 21.6 Mbit/s on HSPA+ could be achieved but the pity is that LTE speed of 100Mbps can’t be reached.

huawei E3533 work with PC

The Huawei E3533 is ideal for thin laptops like the Apple MacBook Air.

Huawei claims to offer the world smallest HSPA+ stick with the E3533. The dimensions of just 68 x 26 x 7 millimeters, and the weight are around 30 grams, which are very good for users indeed. Unfortunately, the USB connector is not rotatable, so the ever stick is a few inches out of the laptop, for some users who have limit space, the stick may more easily break off.

The Huawei E3533 is available in the colors black or white, and works with all major operating systems from Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. The setup and configuration is done directly in the browser via a web interface, previously used in surfsticks the connection software for buyers. Thus, the connection time is reduced, according to Huawei. A multi-colored LED on the front of the USB surfsticks displays the current operational status.

Huawei e3533 stick
The Huawei E3533 supports UMTS with HSPA+ data accelerator, and GPRS/EDGE as well as. The maximum data rate will be around 21.6 Mbit/s in the downlink and 5.76 Mbit/s in the uplink, which probably more data rates are likely to be achieved well below 20 Mbit/s in practice. Since UMTS is supported only in the frequency bands at 900 and 2100 megahertz, Huawei E3533 is also only limited operational in European countries.

Huawei-E3533-stick body

However, there is no connector for an external antenna to improve reception, and a slot for MicroSD memory cards can also not be found in Huawei E3533. The focus is clearly on the small size and sleek design. The Huawei E3533 Surf Stick is now available on to buy without a contract and without SIM-lock, it supports almost all the network providers in European countries. It’s unnecessary for users to worry about the compatibility problem.


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