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Huawei E8372 LTE WiFi Stick

Huawei has presented a new LTE Stick E8372 at the IFA in Berlin with integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. Huawei E8372 combined the function of a simple USB modem with a portable Wi-Fi hotspots if you take it with a mobile power bank. To work with a computer is unnecessary, a power adapter to supply power for Huawei E8372 is sufficient. Technically, huawei E8372 is available in Germany named Huawei E8278, therefore, at first glance we are not quite sure why Huawei brings here a new modem on the market with almost same functions.

Huawei-E8372-lte stick

LTE with up to 150 MBit/s
The Huawei E8372 has a built-in modem of Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon. This chipset can support LTE Category 4 with up to 150 megabits per second on the downlink and 50 Mbit/s in the uplink. If no LTE network available, up to 42.2 Mbit/s is possible via the UMTS network with the data accelerator DC-HSPA+. Furthermore, of course you can use the GSM network, including EDGE. Those who wish to optimize the reception need an external antenna. These are two TS-9 connectors in Huawei E8372.


The integrated wireless module operates on the 802.11b/g/n standard and accordingly transmits only on 2.4 GHz. The advantageous in some situations, the 5 GHz band is not supported. A maximum of 10 devices can connect simultaneously via Wi-Fi with the E8372 stick. The operation of the Huawei E8372 is either via the browser or the Huawei Mobile WiFi app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.


Like many other modems, the Huawei E8372 can also be used as a storage medium. For this purpose, a MicroSD memory card must be used. Upon request, the files can be shared with other users in the network, the access rights can be assigned individually.


Telekom Speedbox LTE II – Huawei B593s-22

The Telekom Speedbox LTE II is the ideal router for Internet access via mobile and home networking. The connection of the Telekom Speedbox LTE II to the Internet can take place via LTE plus, the fastest LTE Internet standard from Telekom. The Speedbox LTE II can achieve download speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. With LTE Plus, the surfing together with the Telekom LTE router plus is much faster than any other mobile technologies – even faster than DSL in the fixed network.

The data connection from the notebook to Speedbox II LTE via a fast LAN or WLAN connection is wireless 802.11n standard.


Telekom Speedbox LTE II Technical Specifications:


* Integrated LTE modem category 4

* Identical with Huawei B593s-22

* 4G network standard support: LTE 2600 (2.6 GHz), LTE 1800 ( 1.8 GHz), LTE800 ( 800 MHz)

* Maximum download up to 150 Mbit/s

* Maximum upload up to 50 Mbit/s


* 3G network standard support:

–          UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+

–          Frequency bands UMTS 2100 , 900 MHz

–          Maximum download up to 42 Mbit/s

–          Maximum upload up to 5.76 Mbit/s


* 2G Network Standard Support:

– Frequency bands of GSM 1800, 1900, 850, 900 MHz



– 4x RJ45 Ethernet LAN ports

– LAN transmission speed up to 100 Mbit/s


* Wi-Fi

– Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n

– Wi-Fi 802.11ac is not supported

– Supported WLAN frequencies: Receiver Diversity 2400 – 2500 MHz


* WLAN Security

– Encryption by WEP 64 /128 bit (WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy)

– Encryption WPA-PSK Encryption: 256 bit / WPA2 – PSK: 256 bit (WPA = Wi-Fi Protected Access)

– WPS button on the router for WPS functionality

– White or black list of MAC addresses (MAC Access Control Lists)

– Shared Key authentication

– AES ( Advance Encryption Standard )

– TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol)

– Open authentication system


* Interfaces

– External antenna connector with 2 x SMA connectors (Buy Huawei B593s-22 Antenna)

– Connects to LTE antennas. There must be an LTE antenna connected to each SMA connector.

– Also, a single UMTS antenna can be connected.

– 2x USB ports

– 1x SIM slot / standard 2FF

– Power connection


* Security functions of the Speedbox II LTE

– Firewall, DNS Relay Support (Domain Name System)

– NAT (Network Address Translation)

– Automatic self-diagnosis (Watchdog)

– Support ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol ) ,

– Support ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

– With reboot to factory setting (Reset)


* Properties Telekom Speedbox II LTE

– Built-in firewall

– LAN MAC filtering, URL filtering, IP filtering, SPI Port Forward filter

– DMZ Service (DeMilitarized zone ), service access control ,

– Firewall Switch

– DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

– VPN (Virtual Private Network), VPN passthrough unlimited

– Automatic switching to the fastest available connection (LTE , HSPA + , UMTS , EDGE , GPRS)

– The setup Speedbox II LTE equipment is done via browser


* Other Features:

– Status display for Internet connection, wireless, LAN activity

– Power button

– WLAN On / Off button

– WPS switch

– reset Button


* Dimensions: 190mm x 65mm x 176mm

* Weight about 390 g

* Color: Black

* Input voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

* Output Voltage: 12.0 V / 2 A

* Power consumption: < 20 W


Telekom Speedport LTE II – Huawei B593u-12

The Telekom Speedport LTE II is ideally suited for fast Internet access in residential areas without DSL and offers fast Internet access via the mobile network. The 4G Router “Speedport LTE 2 ” is also ideally suited for wireless surfing with multiple devices like PC, Tablet PC and smartphones in the home network. Compared to its predecessor Speedport LTE, Speedport LTE II now supports all German LTE LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600.


The Speedport router supports 4G networks with LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600 and for 3G networks with UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA, HSPA+. The Speedport LTE II supports a maximum download data rate of up to 100 Mbit/s and a maximum upload data rate of up to 50 Mbit/s With LTE 800. The Speedport LTE II is the the same as the factory model Huawei B593u-12.


Telekom Speedport LTE II Wireless Router Technical Specifications:


* LTE Category 3 (3GPP Release 8) router

* Manufacturer: Huawei

* Color: white

* The Speedport LTE II is identical with the Huawei B593u-12

* Supported frequency bands 4G: LTE 800, LTE 1800, LTE 2600

* Backwards compatible to 3G: HSPA, HSPA+, UMTS (900, 2100 MHz), no GSM (2G) Support

* Download speed: up to 100 Mbit/s with LTE 1800 and LTE 2600

* Upload: up to 50 Mbit/s with LTE 1800 and LTE 2600

* Download: up to 50 Mbit/s with LTE 800

* HSPA mode: Download up to 42 Mbit/s and upload up to 5.76 Mbit/s

* Actual usable LTE speed is always depending on your LTE tariff.


LTE antenna connector: On the Speedport LTE II, you can connect two external LTE antenna or an LTE dual antenna (MIMO) with two SMA antenna connections. The Speedport LTE II has two SMA antenna jacks. The LTE antenna jacks can be found on the back of the router under a plastic flap. You can make the antenna switching from internal to external LTE antennas in the configuration menu of the router.


Interfaces and features:

* Network: 4 x 10/100 LAN ports and RJ-45

* Home networking up to 300 Mbit/s

* Shared use of external storage and an external printer

* Support wireless local area network: WLAN 802.11b/g/n

* Support up to 32 network devices using the 5 GHz WLAN and 13 channels

* 802.11 b = velocity in the WLAN up to 16 Mbit/s

* 802.11 g = velocity in the WLAN up to 54 Mbit/s

* 802.11 n = speed in the WLAN up to 300 Mbit/s

* WPS button to quickly connect to the WLAN (WPS = Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

* Maximum wireless range: about 30m indoors, 300m outdoors on sight

* Security: Encryption WPA/WPA2, WEP 64bit/128 bit, MAC address filtering, NAT, firewall protection against hackers, protect against router access attempts (Real-time logging), port status.

* DDNS service provider support with DynDns

* Volume control of the consumed data volume

* Interface: 2x USB 2.0 for printer usage or for the connection of external USB storage media or USB hard drives

* The device configuration is done via browser

* Dimensions: 177mm x 193mm x 34mm

* Supply voltage: 90-264 Hz V/50-60; Output: 12 V, 2 A


Telekom Speedport LTE Router – Huawei B390s-2

The Telekom Speedport LTE is a wireless router in the poorly served rural areas with broadband for Internet access on the 4G Telekom mobile network provides in Germany. The Speedport LTE router is used for stationary surfing in the house and can supply several PC via a network cable or wireless via WLAN. The Telekom Speedport comes from the manufacturer Huawei and model number is B390s-2. Vodafone B1000 is with the same specification as Sppedport.  As the first generation LTE Router, Telekom Speedport LTE is with the basic specifications for LTE network, even though there are many 4G Routers available now.


Huawei B390S-2

Telekom Speedport LTE Technical Specifications & practical test / Experience:


* 4G LTE wireless router for the internet connection in the LTE 800 mobile network

* Internet access via LTE 800 MHz band (integrated 4G modem) via the Telekom 4G mobile network

* Suitable for Call & Surf Comfort via radio

* Supported cellular standards: LTE 800

* The mobile phone standards are Not supported: GPRS, EDGE, UMTS , HSDPA, HSPA

* Download speeds up to 50 Mbit/s and upload rates up to 10 Mbit/s

* 32 devices can be connected via Wi-Fi

* WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g standard for wireless integration of computers with max. 54 Mbit/s

* Range WLAN: up to 50m in the building and 300m outdoors

* 4 x 10/100Mbps LAN ports via Ethernet cable for PC

* Inclusive firewall with packet filtering, Access Point function

* Integrated DHCP server

* High security through encryption using WEP, WPA or WPA2 (TKIP and AES)

* Access security by MAC – filter

* Easy to set up using the installation wizard of the configuration program

* Control with an Internet browser possible (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, ..)

* Dynamic Domain Name System (DynDNS ) after software update

* Fits appropriate Telekom 4G SIM cards

* Operation with micro-SIM possible via micro – SIM / SIM Adapter

* No call function

* Connect an external antenna LTE (LTE800 ) by two SMA antenna connectors possible

* Width x height x depth: 195 x 169 x 64 mm

* Weight: 424 g

3Webcube 3 LTE Router

We had introduced two webcube white for Three yesterday, they are from the Huawei B153 and B183 with very good appearance. Now Three Austria brings the third version of 3WebCube, which had already sold 120,000 on the market. The new LTE Router unlocked version is available now on . Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone supplier has completely redesigned the router hardware. Upgraded from Webcube B183, 3WebCube 3 supports faster data transmission on LTE than its predecessors. THREE has placed particular emphasis on ease of use and an attractive design value. It’s easy to surf with the 3WebCube3. The user just need insert the SIM card and get PC connected with the router, then user can surf freely.


3WebCube 3 4G Router


3Webcube 3 LTE Router Technical Specifications:


* Manufacturer: Huawei

* Tri-band LTE router for fast broadband access

* Internal Category 3 LTE modem


4G Support:

* The 3Webcube 3 WLAN router supports the following LTE frequencies and bands:

– LTE FDD Band 20 (800MHz)

– LTE FDD Band 3 (1800MHz)

– LTE FDD Band 7 (2600MHz)

* LTE download speeds up to 100 MBit/s and upload speed to 50 MBit/s


3G Support:

– DC-HSPA+ download speed up to 42.2 Mbit/s and 5.76 Mbit/s upload

– HSPA/HSPA+/ WCDMA/ UMTS (2100/900 MHz)


* Wi-Fi Support:

– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with up to 16 Wi-Fi connections simultaneously

– WIFI router for wireless data transfer up to 300 Mbit/s

– The WLAN 802.11ac standard is not supported


The Cube consists of 2 parts with blue interior lighting, when power on, it shines in blue color after connected. Simple installation router via a web browser is possible.




With the THREE 3WebCube 3 you get a powerful designer router for fast THREE Hui tariffs. With the new 3WebCube 3, you can now also use the 100 Mbit/s rates correctly. We can offer the unlocked version of 3Webcube 3, then you can use it with any operators, including the THREE. Most of the European operators would work well with it without any limit.

Vodafone K5005 LTE 4G Stick

Vodafone K5005 is the first generation 4G Stick for Vodafone LTE stick. It comes from the Huawei E398. But with customized design, Vodafone K5005 is in red and white color. Vodafone K5005 is a LTE Category 3 USB Stick, suitable for LTE 800 MHz frequency band ( LTE800, 10 MHz bandwidth) and the LTE 2.6 GHz ( LTE2600, 20 MHz bandwidth) frequency band.

vodafone K5005

Vodafone K5005 Technical Specifications:


* 4G LTE Datacard(Unlocked for all operators in Europe)

* LTE Category 3 USB Stick

* 4G LTE Frequency bands(800/1800/2600MHz)

* LTE transfer rates up to 100 Mbit/s downstream and upload up to 50 Mbit/s

* UMTS transmission rates up to 42.2 Mbit/s downstream, up to 5.76 Mbit/s upload

* USB Type: Rotatable USB for 180 degree

* UMTS Broadband (HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+)

* In the Vodafone network, HSPA+ downstream up to 14.4 Mbit/s

* HSUPA up to 3 Mbit/s in upload

* Quad band (GSM/EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz),

* Operating Systems: Windows 7 / Windows Vista (SP2) / Window XP SP3, Mac OS (R ) X 10.4.11 (Intel ) or 10.5.8 or higher, 10.6.2 or higher


Vodafone K5005 Body features:

* Rotatable USB port

* Memory card slot for MicroSD memory card

* Increase its internal memory through a memory card

* 2 antenna connectors for external antenna (type TS-9, buy Vodafone K5005 Antenna)

* Built-in MIMO Antenna, 2 x 2 MIMO

* preinstalled including dial-up software

* Size: 9.2  x 1.5 x 3. 2 cm

* Boxed-product Weight: 41 g


Contents with the Vodafone K5005 LTE surf sticks


* Vodafone LTE USB stick K5005

* USB extension cable

* Vodafone Mobile Broadband Manager preinstalled on the surf stick

* User manual

Telekom Speedstick LTE II – Alcatel L100V

From last year, the Germany Telekom offered the new Speed ​​Stick II LTE to its LTE premium rates. The Speedstick LTE II is one of the Telekom LTE Sticks series. The manufacturer of the new Speed ​​Stick II is TCT Mobile from China, also known under the brand name Alcatel. In Germany, the identical LTE Surf Stick Speed ​​Stick II LTE is also available as Alcatel One Touch L100V. Alcatel had supplied many wireless terminals to operators in Europe.


Speed ​​Stick LTE II Technical Specifications:


* Provider: Telekom

* Manufacturer: TCT Mobile / brand name Alcatel

* 4G LTE frequency ranges: LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz

* LTE Category USB Stick

* Chipset: Qualcomm MDM9200

* Maximum download up to 100 Mbit/s in the LTE network of Telekom

* Maximum upload up to 50 Mbit/s in the LTE network of Telekom

* Telekom Internet Manager connection software on the Speed ​​Stick

* Compatible with operating systems Windows XP, WIN Vista, WIN 7, Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

* Auto installation / Plug & Play by self-installing software

* The Speed ​​Stick II is suitable for all laptops with a USB interface

* Support 3G/HSPA/UMTS in the Telecom network

* The Speed ​​Stick II supports HSPA+, HSPA and UMTS in the frequency ranges of 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz

* Downlink: up to 42 Mbit/s in Telekom‘s 3G network with HSPA+


* Uplink: up to 21 Mbit/s in Telekom‘s 3G network with HSUPA


* Supports HSPA (downlink up to 14.4 Mbit/s)

* supports GPRS and EDGE up to 256kbit/s in the 2G telecom network

* Automatic switching for faster mobile technology in EDGE, HSPA, UMTS, LTE

* Dimensions (HxWxD): 95x34x14mm

* Weight: about 35 g

* Color: White

* MIMO Support: MIMO 2×2


Supported networks and speed:


Data transfer with GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE

Fastest download speed with LTE: 100 Mbit/s

Fastest Upload speed with LTE: 50 Mbit/s

Fastest download speed with HSPA: 42 Mbit/s

Fastest upload speed with HSPA: 5.76 Mbit/s

Supported GSM frequencies (2G): 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

Supported 3G/HSPA frequencies (3G): 900, 1800, 2100 MHz

Supported frequencies LTE (4G): 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz

Huawei E3533 – New 21Mbps Surfstick for Ultrabook

Since more and more people are using Ultrabook, Huawei would like to release the new Huawei E3533 Surfstick for Ultrabook Users in the growing market. Therefore, Huawei E3533 is in a very small and slim. Most thin laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air, have no built-in SIM card slot, which makes its compact dimensions and low weight and become popular for mobile use. Hence a small surf stick like the Huawei E3533 is quite a useful accessory. However, the small size of the USB Surf Stick also has disadvantages: it can support the HSPA+ technology, the latest LTE technology is not supported by Huawei E3533, so maximum speed 21.6 Mbit/s on HSPA+ could be achieved but the pity is that LTE speed of 100Mbps can’t be reached.

huawei E3533 work with PC

The Huawei E3533 is ideal for thin laptops like the Apple MacBook Air.

Huawei claims to offer the world smallest HSPA+ stick with the E3533. The dimensions of just 68 x 26 x 7 millimeters, and the weight are around 30 grams, which are very good for users indeed. Unfortunately, the USB connector is not rotatable, so the ever stick is a few inches out of the laptop, for some users who have limit space, the stick may more easily break off.

The Huawei E3533 is available in the colors black or white, and works with all major operating systems from Windows XP (Service Pack 3) and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. The setup and configuration is done directly in the browser via a web interface, previously used in surfsticks the connection software for buyers. Thus, the connection time is reduced, according to Huawei. A multi-colored LED on the front of the USB surfsticks displays the current operational status.

Huawei e3533 stick
The Huawei E3533 supports UMTS with HSPA+ data accelerator, and GPRS/EDGE as well as. The maximum data rate will be around 21.6 Mbit/s in the downlink and 5.76 Mbit/s in the uplink, which probably more data rates are likely to be achieved well below 20 Mbit/s in practice. Since UMTS is supported only in the frequency bands at 900 and 2100 megahertz, Huawei E3533 is also only limited operational in European countries.

Huawei-E3533-stick body

However, there is no connector for an external antenna to improve reception, and a slot for MicroSD memory cards can also not be found in Huawei E3533. The focus is clearly on the small size and sleek design. The Huawei E3533 Surf Stick is now available on to buy without a contract and without SIM-lock, it supports almost all the network providers in European countries. It’s unnecessary for users to worry about the compatibility problem.


Telekom Speedstick LTE III – Huawei E3276

Although Telecom Speed ​​Stick II LTE offered at Telekom is still very successful and reliable, the successor model to the next generation Speed ​​Stick is now available. The telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE III comes available for months now.  The identical model of the Telekom Speed ​​Stick LTE III is Huawei E3276s-150, they are both already for some time on the market and is winner of numerous tests. The Speed ​​Stick III LTE supports LTE Category 4 (LTE plus) and therefore offers the possibility with LTE download speed up to 150 Mbit/s. The Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE III is not locked by the Telekom network, so it can also be used with Vodafone SIM or O2 SIM card. The Speed ​​Stick III can also roam working with all the 4G operators in Europe.

Telekom Speedstick LTE III

Technical specifications of Germany Telekom LTE Speed ​​Stick III:

* Identical with the Huawei E3276s-150

* Space saving and elegant “rotator design”

* LTE modem category 4

* Support LTE plus

* Integrated modem HiSilicon with the new chipset Hi9620

* Very high connection quality of the Speed ​​Stick III

* Supported LTE/4G frequency bands:

– LTE800 / LTE900 / LTE1800 / LTE2100 / LTE2600 megahertz

– Compatible 3G frequency bands: 900 MHz, 1700 MHz, 1900Mhz, 2100MHz

– Download up to 150 Mbit/s, with LTE Category 4

– Upload up to 50 Mbit/s, with LTE Category 4

* The Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE III is backward compatible with 3G UMTS and DC-HSPA+ at up to 43.2 Mbit/s

* The Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE III is backward compatible with 2G GSM and EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


* The existing USB 2.0 port is fastened in the body

* Optional memory expansion with microSD memory card (max. 32 GB)

* Standard 2FF SIM card slot for microSIM (Nanosim need a SIM adapter )

* Built-in antennas and external antenna connectors (two TS-9 Antenna connectors)

* LTE external antenna with MIMO 2×2 Support

* Messaging:  SMS functionality (SMS Messages )

* Supported Operating Systems:

– Windows XP / Vista / W7,

– Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

* Dimensions: 92x 32 x 14 mm

* Weight: about 30 grams


Speedstick-LTE-3-HUAWEI E3276


Application of the telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE III

The use of the Telekom LTE Speed ​​Stick III is very simple. Insert SIM card into the Speed ​​Stick, then connect your Speed ​​Stick with a notebook via USB. Connection is Done.

Self-installing driver and Self-installing software (Telecom Internet Manager) , some of the stick are inserted Huawei Mobile partner. Till now, the Telecom Speed stick III is one of the best wireless 4G stick.



Telekom Speedstick LTE IV – Alcatel One Touch W800

The German network provider Telekom brings a new LTE Speed ​​Stick on the market in November 2013. It is the Telekom Speed ​​Stick LTE IV. Telekom Speedstick LTE IV is a new LTE Stick with Wi-Fi Hotspot function, which would work like a mobile hotspot and supports up to 10 WiFi users to access internet simultaneously.

Telekom-Speedstick-LTE-IV Alcatel W800Z

There are now several LTE sticks available for Telekom:

1. The Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE

2. The telecom Speed ​​Stick II LTE

3. The fast LTE Category 4 Stick Speed ​​Stick Telekom LTE III for Telekom LTE plus.

4. And now the new wireless Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE IV


The special feature of the new Speed ​​Stick LTE IV is the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 users. An LTE router is then superfluous.

Telekom-Speedstick-LTE-IV Alcatel W800Z STICK2

Technical data of the Telecom Speed ​​Stick LTE IV:

* Manufacturer: TCT Mobile (Identical to the Alcatel W800)

* Qualcomm MDM9215 LTE modem for notebook via USB

* Wireless Internet Hotspot function

* Internal memory 60 MB and 128 MB RAM

* Rotatable USB design (for 180 degree)

* LTE/4G: Supported frequencies: LTE800 / LTE1800 / LTE2600MHz

* Download speed up to 100 Mbit/s

* Upload speed up to 50 Mbit/s

* 3G: Supported frequencies: 900 MHz, 2100 MHz

* Upload speed with HSPA: up to 5.76 Mbit/s

* Download speed with DC-HSPA+ up to 43.2 Mbit/s

* The Speed ​​Stick LTE IV is backward compatible with 3G and 2G.

* Slot available for a microSD memory card up to max. 32 GB

* Support IPv4 and IPv6

* Slot for standard 2FF SIM card.

* microSIM and Nanosim need a SIM adapter

* No SIM Lock (Free for any operators)

* Supported operating systems:  Microsoft Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP Apple Macintosh Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.X (Mountain Lion) / OS X 10.7.x (Lion) / OS X 10.5.x (Leopard)

* Messaging:  SMS Messages, SMS functionality

* Dimensions 89mm x 27.5mm x 14mm

* Weight: about 39g


Telekom-Speedstick-LTE-IV Alcatel W800Z STICK3


Again, a new Telekom LTE Stick! The special feature of the fourth Telekom LTE Speed ​​Stick is the Wifi Hotspot functionality. One can thus take advantage of 4G/LTE not only with a single laptop, but also with a total of 10 users via WLAN to the fast LTE internet access. Telekom has announced that Telekom Speed ​​Stick IV will be available from November 2013. Now the Telekom LTE Speedstick IV is already available on .