3Webcube 3 LTE Router

We had introduced two webcube white for Three yesterday, they are from the Huawei B153 and B183 with very good appearance. Now Three Austria brings the third version of 3WebCube, which had already sold 120,000 on the market. The new LTE Router unlocked version is available now on 4g-store.com . Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone supplier has completely redesigned the router hardware. Upgraded from Webcube B183, 3WebCube 3 supports faster data transmission on LTE than its predecessors. THREE has placed particular emphasis on ease of use and an attractive design value. It’s easy to surf with the 3WebCube3. The user just need insert the SIM card and get PC connected with the router, then user can surf freely.


3WebCube 3 4G Router


3Webcube 3 LTE Router Technical Specifications:


* Manufacturer: Huawei

* Tri-band LTE router for fast broadband access

* Internal Category 3 LTE modem


4G Support:

* The 3Webcube 3 WLAN router supports the following LTE frequencies and bands:

– LTE FDD Band 20 (800MHz)

– LTE FDD Band 3 (1800MHz)

– LTE FDD Band 7 (2600MHz)

* LTE download speeds up to 100 MBit/s and upload speed to 50 MBit/s


3G Support:

– DC-HSPA+ download speed up to 42.2 Mbit/s and 5.76 Mbit/s upload

– HSPA/HSPA+/ WCDMA/ UMTS (2100/900 MHz)


* Wi-Fi Support:

– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with up to 16 Wi-Fi connections simultaneously

– WIFI router for wireless data transfer up to 300 Mbit/s

– The WLAN 802.11ac standard is not supported


The Cube consists of 2 parts with blue interior lighting, when power on, it shines in blue color after connected. Simple installation router via a web browser is possible.




With the THREE 3WebCube 3 you get a powerful designer router for fast THREE Hui tariffs. With the new 3WebCube 3, you can now also use the 100 Mbit/s rates correctly. We can offer the unlocked version of 3Webcube 3, then you can use it with any operators, including the THREE. Most of the European operators would work well with it without any limit.

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